Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Seeds are coming! The seeds are coming!

Ahhhh......the growing season is almost upon us! It is officially here for me as I just ordered some of the seeds that I will be growing in my garden this year! Yay!

So here's what will be arriving in a few days:

Sweet Baby Girls (cherry type)
Tomatoberry (size and shape of a strawberry)
Rutgers Jersey (a sandwich type and a tribute to my homestate--Go Jersey!)
Roma (a tribute to my grandmother and my Italian heritage)

Cantaloupe: Ambrosia hybrid; Cucumber (Streamliner hybrid); Hot Pepper Caribbean Red (habanero); Mint: chocolate mint. I also bought some tomato seeds that will supposedly produce plants that reach 8 feet tall in 90 days and produce 60 pounds of tomatoes...each!

Oh and I plan to buy more! I am going to purchase the rest of my herb seeds, onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots and a few other things. It's going to be great! I can just see it all now and my taste buds are beginning to water already.

It's going to be a great growing season for us all. I can feel it in my bones. Until next time, everyone.

Happy garden thoughts!


  1. I've gotten all my seeds for this gardening season. Just waiting on my potato's and onion sets. Garlic in the fall.
    Just finished planting some lettuce, leeks, and sage here indoors. It felt good to get some dirt on my hands!

  2. Hi, Toni!

    I am so envious that you got to play with dirt...ahem excuse me soil :o) I am going to start some seeds as soon as mine come as well. I can't wait to order the rest of my seeds!


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