Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

Oh, thank goodness, I've been waiting all day for someone to post a gardening April Fools joke.  Here is Behnke Nursery's Larry Hurley telling you to harvest your tomatoes, via Susan Reimer's Garden Variety blog.

While you're watching videos, here's one someone linked me to last year that still makes me laugh: Utah State University Extension's Gnome Management in the Garden.


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  2. Love it! I saw the gnome video a while back and just howled. Thanks for sharing with the GIEI community at the appropriate time!

  3. Love it, Erica! And to think I have four or five gnomes in my gardens and didn't now their invasive tendencies. I'd better get out there tomorrow morning and see what they're up to. Hopefully mine are dioecious and that I've got all of one sex. :-)


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