Tuesday, October 16, 2012

They are back and voracious than ever

Looks like an horror story ….

"Record summer heat that lasted through September favored the resurgence of stink bugs, which breed twice a year — in spring and summer. Michael Raupp, entomology professor at the University of Maryland, said the favorable conditions enabled the bugs to complete their second breeding cycle in “spectacular fashion,” meaning they are poised to invade homes and businesses in large numbers.

Some scientists even have speculated that this year’s infestation could rival that of 2010, when swarms of the creepy-looking invasive insect attacked crops and unsettled residents of the mid-Atlantic states."

Read more: Summer heat brings back the stink bugs - Washington Times



  1. Funny, my BMSB problem wasn't that bad this year. Big difference is that I wasn't testing any stink bug traps this year. I'm sure that Mike's test will show that all the traps do is attract more stink bugs.

  2. I really haven't seen many at all. It looks nothing like 2010 where I am.

  3. The problem is not summer 2012 but fall 2012 and the next growing season...

  4. I agree Kent! I didn't have the huge population of BMSB in my garden this year like I've had the previous 2 years. However, I have not had them sneaking into the house, the car, the mail box, etc. as bad in the past as they are this year.

  5. I was stung by a stinkbug! You can't believe it. I must have one attacking me through between my jacket and my pant, while I took some time watering the trees and vegetables last week. At first I thought I was attacked by some mosquitoes, but my skin around my waist are full of itchy, red bumps but form some rash area. Watch out!


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