Saturday, February 23, 2013

Growing veggies and herbs at your window

BioCité - Bottle Garden

WindowFarm - make your own

Having all year-round fresh veggies and herbs growing in your window is the idea proposed by Biocité a Quebec, Canada - a company that uses recycled glass bottles, and WindowFarm - a New York company offering a ready-to-use system or a make-your-own using used water plastic bottles.

The procedure is simple: a column of bottles is suspended from the ceiling or wall, a pump circulates the water with nutrients up to the top of the column, and the water drips down via gravity.  With this system, it is possible to cultivate herbs, leafy greens, lettuce, strawberries, and cherry tomatoes. Both systems use a substrate of clay balls as soil-less potting mix.

Bottle Garden - Café des Arts / Galerie MAM ! @ Montréeal, QC

WindowFarm - American Museum of Natural  History @ New York, NY

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  1. I have been wanting to start indoor window box promotions with my business. This is an even greater idea,


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