Thursday, June 27, 2013

Snakes and bird netting

I was concerned that cat birds would eat my blueberry crop so I covered the plants with bird netting. I was worried that birds would walk under and feed so I pinned the netting to the ground. Won't do that again! The netting trapped an adult black snake that I had to carefully cut loose. Now I leave a gap between the netting and the ground.


  1. Jon, is that really a black snake? The black snakes we have over here are like, ALL black. He's pretty (safely observed from my desktop but not actually encountered in person). That kinda wider belly looks like either just eaten (vermin, hopefully, or maybe about to give birth.

    Also, have you ever tried aluminum pie plates rather than netting? They worked for us for years.

  2. Nancy- you're right, it's not a black snake. I think it's an Eastern garter snake. I haven't tried pie plates. There are lots of "town" birds in our neighborhood so I was aiming for exclusion rather than deterrence!


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