Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cucumber tendril mystery

If you've ever wondered how cucumber tendrils grow and find the stuff they're climbing on, whether it's the trellis you put up for them or the trellis next door or a convenient tomato plant, watch this fascinating video:

(via Mike at Backyard Farming)


  1. This is fabulous! WE saw a thing on PBS not long ago about a couple of people who did experiments to see ifan invasive vining plant (can't remember which one) that often ended up swallowing tomatoes consciously chose one type of plant over another. (The question was kinda, Are Plants Sentient?). The time-lapse experiments they did with a vine seed absolutely in the middle of a pot that had a tomato plant on one side and different potential support on the other would chose the tomato. They did, something like 8 times out of ten, and watching that happen was amazing.I think it had to do with scent, and possibly with the way the plants interacted -- the tomato gave off something that helped the vine ward off predatory insects.

    1. That's really cool! There's a lot about plants we don't know yet...

  2. Amazing. Loved this post!

  3. So interesting! Thanks.


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