Monday, July 22, 2013

Figs, figs and more figs

I climbed into my fig tree today and what do you think I found.  A swarm of June bugs eating all of my ripe figs.  I have been waiting for the figs to ripen and I guess the hot weather we had last week really hastened the ripening.  I guess I'll be making a couple of pints of fig jam tomorrow.

I'll have to check the tree on a daily basis now that I know the figs are starting to ripen. 
Well, I spent a couple of hours turning figs into fig jam yesterday.  I used the recipe from the Univ. of GA's "So Easy To Preserve" book.  The flat of figs yielded three and a half quarts of chopped raw figs which made 20 pints of fig jam.  I tasted it this morning on my English muffin.  It's a little sweet for my taste, but I'm sure that my grandchildren will love it. 

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