Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Garden bounty

Here's most of today's harvest at the Derwood Demo Garden:

photo by Darlene Nicholson
Isn't that lovely?  Artistic arrangement by MGs Darlene Nicholson and Millicent Lawrence:

It took some time and I was not allowed to add in some of the mustard and turnip leaves because there was too much green already.

The most interesting item was a pair of carrots that had twined around each other while growing:

There's love for you. :)  And I hope you notice how many root vegetables there are in that mix above.  More to come!  So far this year we're proud to have donated over 150 pounds of produce to Manna Food.

We left a lot of harvesting for today so we could have as much as possible to show off for 272 of our new and old friends this past Saturday.  It was a great open house on a beautiful late June day, and I think everyone had a good time and learned things, including the many volunteers!  Thanks for coming!


  1. How very cool (in addition to beautiful). What a great variety of vegetables! Recipes, here they come.

    1. Well, I certainly answered "How do you cook kohlrabi?" a lot yesterday...


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