Thursday, March 6, 2014

Announcing Grow100: the Grow It Eat It Food Gardening Challenge

Only have a small space for gardening in? Think that means you can't grow vegetables to feed your family? It's just not so! We can teach you how to use the space you have, and then you can share your results with us.
Enter the 2014 Grow It Eat It contest and show us “What Can YOU Grow in 100 Square Feet?”
OPEN to all gardeners- city, suburban, country; experienced and first-time gardeners; backyard, community, or school garden. AND you don’t have to be a Maryland resident. We have lots of examples and resources to help you. Use your imagination: the sky’s the limit.
Check out the contest rules and helpful information at the Grow100 webpage.

Whether you have a big space for gardening or a tiny one, join us this year and see what YOU can grow.

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