Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Garlic Harvest

Well my garlic was starting to die back last week, so I thought I would harvest it one morning, while the temperatures were in the 70's.  (Lots of useful information on garlic and other vegetables can be found on the "Grow It Eat It" website.  For garlic, just click on this link, for other vegetables, just go to  Grow It and click on "Vegetable Crops" under "Vegetables")

Last October, I planted lots of German White and some Music, both of which are hard neck varieties.  The garlic cloves were planted 4 inches deep in a raised bed about 12 inches apart.  I saw a little growth over the winter, but the garlic really took off during the spring.  Like most alliums, garlic is a heavy feeder and I side dressed the bed once prior to scape formation.  The scapes were harvested and used in pesto and garlic gazpacho.

Right now, the bulbs are drying and will be stored in my unfinished basement.  This picture shows the harvest.

I probably have about 50 full size bulbs which will be used throughout the year.

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