Thursday, March 17, 2016

More links for you!

Since the first day of spring looks like it's going to be the last gasp of winter, you may want something to read indoors. Here are a few more random edible-gardening-related links I've come across.

First, if you liked The Martian, here are two short write-ups on experiments about growing food in Mars-like conditions: Growing Potatoes on Mars and These Mock Martian Crops Show We Could Grow Food on Mars.

The question that keeps getting asked, addressed by The Garden Professors: Is a tomato a fruit? Or a vegetable? (Yes, and yes.)

What some foods looked like before domestication. Not terribly appealing. (A-peeling may be a pun.)

How the sweet potato is a natural GMO.

And some practical gardening links:

Adapting to a wet spring, using cold frames (Sustainable Market Farming, Pam Dawling).

The approach graft for tomatoes and relatives (Garden Professors).

Super Easy Newspaper Pots for Starting Seeds (Backyard Farming).

Or if you want to make pots from toilet paper rolls, Washington Gardener show you how.


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