Friday, March 11, 2016

Reminder: deal with those winter weeds!

Since we're having a nice stretch of real spring weather, even if you are not quite ready to plant yet it's a great time to get out and hoe up the weeds that have loved our mostly-warm winter.

If you need a visual reminder, I humbly offer this bed in the Derwood Demo Garden:

And, for a little more contrast:

The front bed we covered with newspaper and leaf mulch in the fall. The back bed with the labels is our (now partially-weeded) garlic patch, not covered. Is it nice to see a little green in the garden at this time of year? Not always.


  1. I just spent a little time weeding. I planted tillage radish this fall and it did a good job suppressing weeds, but where the seed washed out I have the devil weed, as I call it, some kind of matted spreading weed with little white or purple blossoms. Went after them with a regular hoe first, no luck, then an action hoe/stirrup hoe, little better but still difficult. finally resorted to ripping them out by hand when I thought, there's got to be an easier way.

    1. Yeah, I think the easier way is to deal with them earlier, but do I ever do that? Ha. The solid green bed pictured above was planted with crimson clover, but too late to get going before cold weather, whereupon the weeds took over.


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