Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weed or Seed?

What happens when you turn a group of kids loose in your garden with packs of seeds? A lot of seedlings! The question becomes, is it a seedling or a weed?

It is helpful if you know what a carrot seedling, turnip seedling, etc looks like in it's early stages. Otherwise, you have to wait until they grow into something you recognize before you thin them out.

Had this been my garden at home, I would have made a slight impression in the soil with a stick, ruler or what ever I found lying around the potting shed. I would have planted the seeds in a row and I would know for sure that they were seeds and not weeds. On the positive side, look at the great germination rate we achieved!

Speaking of success, even though we had about 3 inches of rain here in the Annapolis area, the lettuce is thriving. Maybe I should plant lettuce in my rain garden?

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