Thursday, February 11, 2010

What becomes of the broken garden?

The worst snow storm on record. I was ready. Went out and got plenty of groceries (I was all out so I wasn't going just for the snow), filled the car up with gas and was even ready for a power outage (which thank God I did not have). I didn't think of one thing: the garden cage.

I still recall the horror clearly. After the snow had passed my husband looked out the window and said "I was afraid this would happen." My heart sank. I took a few deep breaths and then looked outside. Yup. The weight of the snow on the chicken wire collapsed the roof of my garden cage. Now, I was not a physics major as my husband was, so the fact that the cage might collapse didn't dawn on me. I gave him a dirty look and said "if you thought this was going to happen you could have told me....I would have gone out and cut the chicken wire from the roof of the cage!" Of course I know this wasn't his fault. But someone had to be the target of my misdirected anger and that cowardly snow miser certainly was nowhere to be found.

I cried. Yes, I really did. My husband said "the main supports are fine. We'll go out, cut down the roof before the next snowstorm and in the spring I will make it better and stronger and bigger." Bigger? Ohhhhhh I'm planning what to do with those extra square feet already!

So though my heart feels much like my beautiful garden cage looks, I know that she shall rise again like the Phoenix. The positive in all this--besides the extra square feet I will be getting? It will give me LOTS to blog about!

But in the meantime, if you see this guy....tell him I'd like to have a word with him.

Until next time. Happy garden thoughts!


  1. Oh my goodness! I hope you can get that fixed soon. And of course we'd love to see the rebuilding process here in detail.

    Hard to believe we'll be planting in our gardens in a month or two!

  2. Erica--

    Well we are supposed to get ANOTHER 18-20 inches on Monday/Tuesday. I am hoping that is a mistake but it seems it may be true. But as soon as the last of the snow has melted, we will rebuild!!! I will be sure to blog the progress.

  3. I started thinking about strating seeds for the spring planting. Unfortunately, my grow operation is in the basement. As you might imagine, the stairway is full of snow and 10 feet more on top at ground level. I guess this year I will have to buy plants!


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