Monday, May 3, 2010

Peanut Resurrection!

So I was about to toss the odd root-in-the-air peanut seedlings mentioned in my last post because nothing appeared to be happening to them but a gradual greening of the swollen seed, when I thought - let me see what's happening under the soil. I carefully removed one plant from the pot. It had plenty of healthy roots; in fact some were coming through the peat pot walls and base.

And you know how when experienced gardeners try to reassure nervous newbies by telling them there's no "upside-down" or "backwards" to putting a seed in the ground? That the plant knows what part goes up and what part goes down? Well, my peanut seedling was trying, I think, but while the roots had been waving around in the air and finally managing to reach into the soil, buried half an inch down a nice little set of leaves was slowly, greenly growing, attempting to figure out which direction the sky was. So I got a new pot and added soil mix, and set the plant with its roots under the soil and leaves just above.

And only a few hours later I had a little proper peanut plant.

The other one may survive as well; I gave it the same treatment but am still waiting to get results. I am following the progress of both with great interest.

Maybe for the next post we will go outside for a change!


  1. pleas do let us know how those twe would be doing in the future.

  2. Update: plant number one is growing nicely, but number two has not emerged yet, so I think it's a bust. But I have two seedlings to admire at home, and we direct-seeded at the garden on Thursday - we'll see!


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