Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baltimore City finally on-line

Hi! Here it is half-way through growing season (and day two of summer!) and I am just now getting on board with the GIEI blogging! I am sweltering here in Baltimore City… Just some background on our garden. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali (West Africa)—that was my first garden. We grew papaya and onions, had to water twice a day (from a deep, deep well with a little rubber bucket we pulled by hand) and everything dried up before the end of hot season. Here in Baltimore, I grow food in raised beds, mostly because it makes weeding easier. We also have had to design around a squirrel-chasing mutt and a rambunctious toddler.

To get started, last fall I lined the front yard’s east-facing chain link fence with a variety of berries. We’re picking blueberries and red raspberries each morning.

Native perennials, including black-eyed susans, enchinacea, and joe pye weed sit halfway through the garden, which lines our east fence. It’s an average size yard for a single family (not a rowhouse) in Baltimore.

Finally, we compost. Everything. Weeds, food scraps, old plants, coffee grounds- you name it. I keep the compost super hot all summer to keep the rats out, then I’ll sift some almost-there compost and feed it to a 5 gallon bucket of worms. Whenever the buckets fills up, I drop handfuls of worms in each of the garden beds.


  1. Kate, its good to see other's growing food in Baltimore City. My yard isn't quite your size. I wish I had the space that you seem to have to grow blueberries and raspberries.

    I compost also -- mostly grass clippings. I need to know how to speed up my composting. It takes FOREVER. Maybe I need some type of compost activator to help the process. You seem to have it together on your end.

  2. Here is the composting publication from the Home and Garden Infomation Center, which has great tips for composting:


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