Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Missing in Action

Hellooooooo cyber space! I bet you thought the security detail at Government House locked me up. No such luck; it was even worse. I am going through a house remodel and am living in my garage (that could be a blog on its own!). It has taken since the middle of May for me and my Internet provider to figure out how to get the internet to work here in my temporary abode. As you can see, we finally made it. That means we have a lot of catching up to do in the next couple of weeks. Hold on and try to keep up!


  1. While I miss being with the folks in Anne Arundel County, I am really getting the seniors active in the Community Gardens here at Charlestown. We had 26 unused community plots and now have only about 10 left. It is exciting to see those that are able to work their areas, but more exciting is seeing those less able coming each day to watch all the delightful plants growing. Hope to send some pictures soon. Pat Kasuda

  2. Great work Pat. I'd love to come up and see see what you're doing one day.

  3. You are welcome any time. I have been taking classes with the Howard Cty MGs. Glad to see the Govenment House project moving forward. Spent most of today doing maintenance in the Butterfly Garden I planted near the entrance of our community. Spent this weekend doing some work on the pocket park in Glen Burnie and will do some work on our community nature trail later this week. So I am busy but loving life.

  4. Does anyone have any good ideas for erosion control on a very hilly shady area with many huge tree roots?


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