Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Annapolis is Buzzing

What great scandal is brewing in our state capital? You're on the wrong blog for that one! The honeybees have arrived at Government House. They have made themselves at home and are busy pollinating the vegetable garden. Our beekeeper is Susan Langley. She has been a beekeeper for about five years and tends three hives in addition to the one here at Government House. Susan says our bees are right where they should be for a new hive.

Susan and Jerry Fischer, the state bee inspector for the Department of Agriculture, will be our guest lecturers at Government House this month. Although the class is full, watch the first ladies' website for info from the class. And stay tuned here for updates on our new additions.

Since I too am a beekeeper, perhaps I will make honeybees a topic of a future blog.....

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