Monday, July 12, 2010

Gold in my garden

I was leisurely hosing water into the drip buckets in my tomato garden this morning when something caught my eye—gold! No, the gold wasn’t glittering in the soil. It was hanging in the form of Sungold cherry tomatoes hiding behind dark-green leaves.

The first Tomato 2010—Sungolds! I really wasn’t expecting to pick the first fruits for nearly another two weeks. Seed catalogs say “57 days” from transplanting to picking. I transplanted on May 30, so it’s been only 44 days, and I didn’t use any “encouragers,” such as Walls-O-Water.

I turned off the hose, checked closely under the three Sungold plants, and discovered a dozen round cherry tomatoes ready for picking. My mouth was filling with saliva at the mere thought.

No, no, I thought. I can’t just eat them. I’ve got to share with Ellen.

Share we will—yes, all 12 of them.

So our tomato-ripening winner for 2010 is Sungold. How beautiful they are and how sweet they will be when we eat them.

Grow It Eat It!


  1. I've heard from several other people that their Sungolds are ripening very early. Still waiting for the ones in the demo garden... salivating...

  2. My suspicion is that unbearably hot week, with temps in the high 90s and low 100s, speeded things up in our gardens, including ripening of cherry tomatoes and bolting of our lettuces.


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