Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hoe, hoe, the wheel hoe comes round again

Barbara Damrosch’s “A Cook’s Garden” column in the Local Living Section of today’s Washington Post features today’s version of the wheel hoe—you know, the big-wheeled cultivator our parents and grandparents used. To read her column and see a photo of a modern wheel hoe, CLICK HERE.


  1. Barbara's column was, as usual, a good read. But I was surprised that she neglected to mention the "Planet Whizbang" wheel hoe. It has been around a couple of years now and is a more affordable wheel hoe option. There is a web site for it at:

  2. Maybe Barbara Damrosh isn't a do-it-yourselfer who likes to file and paint metal or wants to locate and buy a wheel locally. But clearly the brand you mention is out there and has a very informative website. When I look at the photos on all the sites I say, "Oh, no, not another pneumatic tire to go flat." But I see a few models that have all-metal wheels, but I guess after a generation or two they may rust away. Happy comparing, wheel hoe shoppers. There's lot to see out on the Internet.

  3. Thanks Bob for letting us know about that article. Using a wheel hoe has really made our gardening easier and more productive. Our grandparents were smart cookies! Here are some pictures of the Hoss wheel hoe that I have been using.


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