Saturday, October 9, 2010

Demo garden interactive map!

New feature on the Montgomery County Master Gardeners website:  an interactive map of the Derwood demo garden, created by MG Barbara Dunn with the help of the garden leaders for IDing plants.  Click on a section for details; mouse over for plant names and click on them to go to an outside webpage for description.  Plant lists are also available.

For the vegetable garden, we decided all we could do this year was represent a snapshot of one time, which is late July.  Next year everything will change, which is the nature of that garden (crop rotation, seasonal plantings, me always needing to be different).  Some of the other sections are more stable and perennial!

More soon - we had a wonderful day at the Harvest Festival last Saturday, with many hundreds of visitors carrying their tussie-mussies and painted pots, watching as we dug up huge bunches of sweet potatoes, venturing into the tunnel of mouse melons, enjoying conveniently participating caterpillars and praying mantises, finding Peter Rabbit in Mr. McGregor's Garden, and so forth.  I forgot my camera so will have to wait on someone else's photos.

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