Thursday, November 11, 2010

Leaves--nature's mulch

Don’t even think of burning or bagging and tossing the falling leaves. In her “A Cook’s Garden” column in today’s Washington Post, Barbara Damrosch, suggests how you can use them in flower and veggie gardens and on the lawn.

I think her lead sentence is a great one for a gardening article: “It’s November, and nature is mulching.”

To read her short article, CLICK HERE.


  1. Our townhouse is a drop off spot for the wind blown neighbor leaves. We have one tree, but collect many bags of leaves every fall. We are grateful for the extra leaves. We leaf mulch in our flower beds and community garden plot and add the leaves to our compost bin.

  2. Two thumbs up, McArtor! You could have written the article for Damrosch!

  3. Hi To all you folks in Maryland! I've found your site via McArtor's fascinating blog... Hope that some of you will visit my blog about my garden in Hampshire, UK (Yup, OLD Hampshire, not NEW!). I've also understood the value of using those Autumn leaves rather than throwing them away. I've described my approach in a blogpost --


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