Friday, January 28, 2011

Damrosch: Europe Plugs Its Own Leeks

Mention leeks in a conversation and many Americans think plumber. But in Europe, leeks are a time-honored garden favorite.

Leeks, though, are part of a growing political controversy in the European Union, where historic, open-pollinated varieties are being edged out by varieties, often hybrids, registered by seed companies.

To read Barbara Damrosch’s view on the issue in her “A Cook’s Garden” column in Thursday’s Washington Post, CLICK HERE.

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  1. Europe may be more 'progressive' than the US on certain fronts, which I applaud, but this whole seed registration issue makes me very, very nervous. It is going to backfire. I agree with Damrosch (and many seed-saving organizations, at home and abroad) that there is potential for significant loss of genetic resources if Europe continues down this road. We should all be extremely concerned when power is transferred to the hands of so few, especially when it will likely affect our food supply.


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