Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stink bug solutions?

Well, maybe not yet, and maybe not for everyone, but here are two messages of hope.

This Baltimore Sun article discusses the parasitic wasps now being studied to kill brown marmorated stink bugs.  If the studies indicate that these wasps will do the job and can be safely released into our environment, they still won't start injecting their offspring into stink bug eggs to eat the pests from the inside out (okay, everyone say EW! in unison) until 2013 at the earliest.  So for the home gardener I'd suggest investing heavily in row covers.  Also, support your local farmer, who will need all the help he or she can get.

And you might want to get some chickens.  This delightful-as-always Garden Professors blog post quotes University of Maryland Extension's own Stanton Gill on hens that love live stink bugs (they won't eat them if they're not moving, but don't seem to mind the taste).  Better yet, the eggs of bug-eating hens actually taste fine - perhaps better than those of non-bug-eating hens!

Any chicken owners out there want to weigh in?


  1. Unfortunatley my chickens won't touch them! They peck at them like a game, but, won't eat them.

  2. Well, darn! Let's hope the pecking is doing some damage, at least.


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