Monday, May 30, 2011

Black Raspberries ( Part #4 )

As was said in an earlier post, it’s possible to grow black raspberries in a container. To do it, you need a 25-35 gallon container, a tomato cage, and frequent watering.

As seen in the picture above, the primocanes – new shoots – stand around 30 to 32 inches high. It’s now time to pinch off (head) the tips of the new canes. Tipping is done by removing the top 2 to 3 inches of new shoots as they develop. See photo below.

This will induce growth of side branches and results in plants that are stocky and self-supporting and have a large amount of fruit-bearing wood. See photo below.

Fun stuff:

As you know, black raspberry canes grow on a 2 years period but sometimes Mother Nature permits a new black raspberry cane to grow and bear fruits on the same year. This is a situation that happens to me every year.

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  1. This inspires me. I live in Palm Springs which is way too hot for raspberries (and too dry). However maybe once October comes I might try a container or two on my patio!


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