Friday, September 2, 2011

Tomato Patch: Do They Have More Fun in Spain?

Tired of weeding your Tomato Patch?  Tired of fighting the stink bugs?  Tired of uprighting tomato cages tilted by a passing hurricane?  Maybe you’re itching for a good tomato fight.

When I was a teenager in New Jersey and picked tomatoes, it was a big no-no to throw tomatoes at another picker, however inviting on occasion that might have been.  But revelers in Buñol, Spain, during the last 70 years or so have perfected the art of throwing tomatoes at each other during their annual “Tomatina.”

The juice and—dare I call it—sauce sometimes get deep enough for body surfing. Really—I kid you not. 

To see photos from this year’s “Tomatina,” CLICK HERE.  And don’t those red projectiles appear to be Romas or a similar paste-type variety?

Smile.  And, please, no throwing tomatoes in your garden. 

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