Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thank you, Master Gardeners, for sharing

When I unfolded the Washington Post Business section this morning, huge headlines proclaimed, “Food in the bank: When a pantry had to shut its doors, the public came to the rescue.”  And then one of the many subheads caught my attention:  “2,500 lbs. of produce/Donated in a week by Master Gardener volunteers in Dale City.”

Thank you, Master Gardeners, for sharing more than a ton of your bounty.  You make me proud.

The Post article described the plight of a food pantry in northern Virginia, but Master Gardeners in Maryland and many other states either personally or as a group contribute some of their fruits and vegetables to community organizations that help those in need.  If you personally or as part of the Master Gardener program contribute your produce, please post a Comment about how you share.  You may encourage others to do likewise next gardening year.

To read the short Post article, CLICK HERE.

If you’re a Maryland gardener and want some ideas about how you can share extra produce, CLICK HERE to check out the "Grow It Share It" information page.

Change of subject:  A “Recap” from page 2 of the Business section:  “USDA said sales of ‘local foods,’ sold at farmers markets or through grocers or restaurants, amounted to $4.8 billion in 2008—several times greater than earlier estimates—and it predicts sales will grow to $7 billion this year.”

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  1. What a great article, Bob! I'm a big fan of donating extra produce to those who need it. How many of us often have more than we can consume ourselves? I hope everyone will consider finding a soup kitchen or pantry they can support.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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