Tuesday, May 28, 2013

National Moth Week

A quick note...
National Moth week begins on July 20th and runs to July 28th. It is in celebration of moth, and everything these little insects do.

This link  http://nationalmothweek.org/2013-registration/ will get you there from here.

Learning more about insects in our lives will promote biodiversity. Diversity, a word that seems to lose its meaning once we demand more from our natural environment for our own benefits .

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  1. I love moths, which is why I let the tobacco hornworms live (provided they don't eat TOO much). They morph into he hawk moths --aka hummingbird moths that zip through my veg/herb/flower garden at twilight and sip nectar from the Magic Evening Primroses. Fabulous. Also, having an Emperor Gum moth (I had to look it up, I don't carry these wonderful things in my head for long, sadly) alight on the screen by the kitchen sink and just stay there while I study it and have a chat, is like a gift from Nature.


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