Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vegetable garden bloggers' bloom day

Garden bloggers all know (or should) about the monthly event, hosted at May Dreams Gardens, known as Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. I usually join in from my Rogue Eggplant blog to show off my flowers, but why shouldn't the vegetable garden get to join in? Here's some of what's blooming today in the Derwood Demo Garden's veggie beds.

First of all, ta-da! Our cardoons are flowering.

Cardoons are some of my favorite flowers ever, enormous bright blue-purple thistle-like explosions, usually with bee accompaniment. The first two have popped out and we have a lot more buds waiting. You should be able to catch the show at our Grow It Eat It Open House on July 26. (More info here.)

Other veggie plants in bloom:

Runner bean 'Hestia'
A tangle of flowering radishes in the straw bales
Cucumbers - very prolific!
Flower on the end of a tromboncino squash
Vegetable flowers are fabulous - and quite a few of them are edible! I'm really wishing I'd taken that squash flower home so I could stuff it and fry it up…


  1. Beautiful pics, Erica. Thanks. Like you, I love when the veg garden is in bloom with edibles as well as the other things I have in there to attract and sustain pollinators, beneficial insects and birds, (who sometimes act like they own the place) -- Bee Balm (Monarda didyma), Tina James's Magic Evening primrose (Oenothera glasioviana michelii), Blackberry lilies (Belamcanda) and more. While weeding the thyme and sage, I can smell the trumpet lilies and watch the hummingbirds drink from them. I can sit and sort seeds while the many different bees go from bean to squash to basil bloom (and a few weed blooms). In the evening, when the Magic primroses open like time-lapse photography, we take out a glass of wine and watch while the hummingbird moths flit around. Companionable.


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