Monday, August 25, 2014

Grow100 Period 2 Update and Winner

Gardeners have shared some great insights along with stories of bountiful harvests and losses to pests. And people are busy filling vacant spots with fall vegetable seeds and plants.

David Marcovitz of Baltimore County is our pick for this period's $25 Gift Certificate to High Mowing Seeds!  David entered into the New to Gardening category and we're really impressed with his garden.  He's got six 4x4' raised beds with cucumbers (that he has been pickling), cherry tomatoes, green beans, herbs, and some extremely tall corn.  He's got deer protection in the form of PVC pipe and netting that he says has mostly held up this season.

David's corn, green beans, and cherry tomatoes.  Click to enlarge.


Other highlights:

Click to enlarge. From left to right: Rats ate Like rats ate the Early girl tomatoes and strawberries in Abby Lynch’s one city garden but seemed to leave the cherry tomatoes, cukes, and squash. Kohlrabi was a favorite vegetable for Rasma Plato, who also attracted beneficial insects with borage, calendula, alyssum, and sunflowers. Kim Roman tried unsuccessfully to control powdery mildew on her squash plants with an organic fungicide but this fungal disease has not affected production. Just goes to show that in many instances healthy plants can take some insect and disease injury without much yield reduction.
Click to enlarge. From Left to right: Nathan Parrish observed that his containerized cuke and pepper plants did better than those in the ground, while the reverse was true to his tomatoes. Pam Leifer isn’t letting her weeds go to waste. She’s been eating purslane and lambsquarter! As of the first week in August, Montgomery Co. Master Gardeners harvested 209 lbs. of produce from their 100 square ft. demo garden at the Extension office in Derwood.

Thanks to the 11 gardeners still with us who sent photos in! One more two-month period is left.  We are looking foward to seeing the final update materials and choosing an overal winner. 

Update period 3 is over on October 15.  You can find the form here.


  1. Congratulations David! First Keep up the great work!

  2. YAY David! It looks WONDERFUL.

  3. Thank you all. I was so excited to be the winner. The categories for entering were not well-defined so "new to gardening" doesn't necessarily mean that this is my first garden. I have been trying to grow stuff for a few years, but this is the first year I have put any significant effort into it. I put in two raised beds last year and the other four this year. I have tried (mostly unsuccessfully) to grow tomatoes for 4 or 5 years. Every now and then I have tried something else (zucchini worked two years ago and was demolished by squash borers last year, peppers failed miserably a couple of years ago). But this year, I took it seriously and put in the raised beds and good deer protection and tried a bunch of new things: lettuce, corn, radishes, green beans, kale (coming this fall), broccolli and cualiflower (coming this fall), beets (coming this fall). I also planted some things from seeds for the first time. So, if you define "new" as this is your first year planting anything, then I am a cheater. If you define "new" as only doing this for a short time and really trying to do a lot more this year than ever before, then I fit the category.


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