Sunday, September 28, 2014

Quick and easy tomato-sweet potato sauce

Polish Linguisa tomato shaped like a penguin. Because.
My tomatoes are close to being finished for the season, but until recently we were being occasionally overwhelmed by the production of only eight plants (or really five, because three never amounted to much) and after I got back from a trip I found myself with many ripe tomatoes and no time to make tomato sauce the long-cooking way - and needed something to put on the ravioli! So here was my quick solution:

Tomato Sweet-Potato Sauce

You can vary the amount of sauce produced depending on how many tomatoes you want to use up. I started with about 5 medium-sized tomatoes and one sweet potato.

Trim any unripe or nasty bits off the tomatoes (no need to peel) and cut them into quarters or eighths depending on size. Paste-type tomatoes, or other solid-fleshed ones, work better for this, but whatever you have will do fine. It works best to scoop out some of the seeds and watery pulp, but you don't need to get it all. (I have generally been letting cut tomatoes sit in a colander over a bowl and mushing them down a bit to extract juice - which can be saved for other purposes - but didn't bother with that this time.) Put the tomato pieces into a blender and puree.

Cook the sweet potato(es) - 5 minutes in the microwave will do it for all but the largest (make sure to pierce with a fork first). Scrape out the flesh and add it to the blender, then puree that too.

The resulting sauce was thick enough for me to use without further cooking down, but if yours is thin, put it into a pot and cook it on the stove for a while until it's thicker. Season as desired (salt and pepper, oregano, thyme, etc.) and then use as a pasta sauce or however you want. I cooked some vegetables separately and then added the sauce, and used it on top of vegetable-and-cheese-stuffed ravioli. Nice red-orange color and sweet-tart taste!

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