Friday, October 31, 2014

Grow100 Check in Period 3 Winner!

Bzzzt!  Trowels down! The first Grow100 competition is over! We had a ton of great submissions.  Here, we are highlighting our favorite entry from the third round of check-ins.  Next week we will unveil our overall favorites in each category (Max Production, 4-Rs, and New to Gardening), plus honorable mentions and other highlights from this year.

The Period 3 winner is Pam Leifer in Montgomery County!

Pam's maximum production garden had a bountiful harvest. During Period 3, Pam finished her cucumber and carrot crop, pulled late spring plants, and replaced them with broccoli and cabbage plants that had been started indoors in July.  Efficient use of space!  Lettuce was reseeded and any empty square footage was filled with raddishes, carrots, arugula, and lettuces.  Even at the time of submission, her tomatoes and peppers were still going strong.

We like Pam's efficient planning; replacing one crop with another as the seasons change is on point, and her raised beds with PVC pipe deer protection are well done.  Her arranged photos of her hauls are making us hungry!  Good photography gets you kudos in Grow100 as well!  Nice work Pam.

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