Saturday, November 1, 2014

Really big squash!

This is a squash I harvested today - I believe it's Rogosa Violina 'Gioia,' an Italian butternut, assuming I'm not mixing my vines up. With good-sized Jarrahdale pumpkin (not grown by me) for size comparison.

It's supposed to turn tan all over, but I decided to cut it now due to worry about rotting, and it looks and tastes mature enough inside - a nice orange flesh with a rich squash flavor. I baked slices of it in the oven (two trays worth) and froze the meat for future use. We can make a lot of soup.

I've also saved a few seeds, even though I did nothing to prevent cross-pollination, and there were butternut plants nearby in the community garden (same species). Even if crossing occurred, the results should be interesting.

There's one (still green) squash of - I think - the same type left in my plot, hanging from a tomato support. The vines crawled a long way...

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