Monday, July 6, 2015

Charm City Farms and Clifton Park Food Forest

In November 2014, Eric Kelly of Charm City Farms, with the help of many volunteers, began to plant Baltimore's first public food forest. What's a food forest? In the words of Charm City Farms:
A Food Forest is a collection of fruit and nut trees, vines, berry shrubs, fungi, groundcovers, and herbaceous perennial plants, such as herbs, ferns, and edible greens, all growing together like the plants in a forest do. In a food forest, however, each plant has been selected for the many uses it offers to human life, whether as food, medicine, or material for building or making useful items such as baskets & dyes.
Check out their most recent blog post, "The (under) Story of the Juneberry and More Fruit Tree Care," and while you're on the website, click on the other links that explain this fascinating project and how you can help and learn from it. The above quote is from the page "Why Create a Food Forest?" which gives much more explanation of the concept. Enjoy!

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