Thursday, July 16, 2015

The start of the potato harvest

So what's a grand parent to do with young boys who only want to watch TV and play computer games.  Well, good thing I have a garden and potatoes that need to be dug.  The vines on my Banana fingerling potatoes have died back and it's time to harvest them.

Although it's tough to make out in the above picture, each hill of potatoes is about a foot apart and there are two rows planted in my four foot wide raised beds. The potatoes were sprouted in the house for a couple of weeks, planted in early April and side dressed according to the recommendations in GE 119 Potatoes.

I managed to get Connor and Tyler to dig both rows (20 feet) this morning and the yield was pretty amazing.  The boys enjoyed themselves and every time we dug up a big hill, they would yell "Jackpot"

The container we were putting the potatoes in weighted 50 pounds.  Since I planted 5 pounds of seedling Bananas between two rows, that means a 10 to one yield.  Not to shabby.

I also purchased purchase 5 pounds of Austrian Crescent fingerlings and 3 pounds of Carola, which haven't died back yet  If the other varieties yield as well as the Bananas, I'll have lots of potatoes for the family and some for Grass Roots, our local Howard County shelter

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