Monday, January 18, 2016

Links for winter reading

Hello again - it's winter and that means time for a links round-up. In other words, have some stuff I've bookmarked over the last several months that you might enjoy reading too, in between ordering seeds and planning this year's garden.

If you'd like to find some new and interesting sources for your seeds, read Margaret Roach's "A Way to Garden" interview Power-Shopping the Seed Catalogs With Joseph Tychonievich.

And you might want to consider growing cauliflower this year, since it's hard to find or afford in stores right now.

While we're on brassicas, Michael Twitty has a great post on the history and culture of collards: A Letter to the Newgrorati: Of Collards and Amnesia.

This is from way back in September: Adrian Higgins on container gardening in cities.

And here's local blogger Susan Harris on Garden Rant, talking about her favorite watering tools.

Why Pumpkins and Squashes Aren't Extinct: how they became domesticated.

The UN General Assembly has declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses (leguminous crops harvested dry). I guess Grow It Eat It was just ahead of the curve with our 2015 Year of Beans and Peas! (We'll be giving you updates on our Year of Tomatoes soon.)

But other organizations do Year-Of celebrations too. The International Herb Association has picked Capsicum (or Peppers) to celebrate as Herb of the Year in 2016. And (since I just happened to find it randomly) University of Missouri Extension has declared this the Year of the Carrot.

Speaking of carrots, this is very important: Baby Carrots Are Not Baby Carrots.

How about we wind up with some beautiful things? Salad-making as performance art, vegetable portraits by Lynn Karlin, and fruit and vegetable photographic tableaus by Brittany Wright.

Enjoy and happy January!

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