Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Goodbye and hello: introducing our new Maryland Grows blog

Dear Readers:

This is the last post of the Grow It Eat It blog. But don't worry--our gardening adventure is not over! We're just changing, consolidating, and improving, and you can keep reading at our new blog, Maryland Grows.

At Maryland Grows you'll not only be able to read posts about food gardening under the Grow It Eat It tab, but also get information about other aspects of home gardening, like lawns and ornamental plants. You'll also find that all the Grow It Eat It posts from the beginning in 2009 to the present have been moved to the new blog. They'll also remain archived at this location, so if you have something bookmarked or have added a GIEI link to your own website, no need to change that.

I've thoroughly enjoyed shepherding the Grow It Eat It blog from late in its first year onwards, from scrappy beginnings to a source read by thousands every month. Thanks for being part of that! I'll still be writing for Maryland Grows once a month, but am happy to turn editing duties over to Home and Garden Information Center staff. This is going to be a great blog with many interesting posts and lots of relevant information, so please visit, sign up for an email subscription, or like the Home and Garden Information Center on Facebook or Twitter to find out about new posts--whatever works best for you. You won't want to miss a single one!

I'm grateful to all the great Master Gardener and Extension writers here at Grow It Eat It. We've had a fun time learning and teaching about food gardening and telling stories about our experiences. So many plants were grown over the years--successfully or not--and so many meals were created from them. That's my favorite part of growing food, of course, that you get to eat it!

I'll go out by noting that (like these tomatoes I just harvested) the products of our gardens are colorful, delicious, and not free from flaws--just like the kind of journey that blog writers and readers make together, trying new things, making mistakes, and always hoping for a perfect garden next year.

Thank you.


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